4 Girls two spotted with frosted tips. Could be twins except for one has a white tip on her tail. The other is a mini black panther, black on black spots known in the bengal world as a Melanistic. And a bengal marble girl. All raised in house with my little dog. All have had their first shots and deworming. Normally asking $500.00 Now Selling for $250.00 Mom and dad below mom is a blue (pregnant in picwith these babies)and dad is your standard bengal. The last pic shows the melanistic spots well. the other two are from a different litter.
The mother of these is for sale and may be pregnant? (bonus) Her price is 350.00 she is a blue bengal. She was pregnant with this litter and then nursing this litter. So you can see how dark her kittens colors will get after their fuzzy stage Some might keep their frosting. do some research on it if you like..